I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training)

I-Best Program Instructors and Staff

What is I-BEST?

I-BEST classes are designed to help students be successful by having two instructors in the classroom–one teaches the professional-technical content, and the other supports the development of basic skills such as reading, writing, math or language.  Together, the instructors build a classroom environment that provides maximum support for student success.


Because it works! I-BEST programs at Big Bend Community College provide educational access and support for basic skills and English as a Second Language (ESL) students so they can

  • Develop job skills for their chosen career
  • Start on a career pathway leading to higher wages and better jobs
  • Increase English and math skills

Students can train for a career or higher paying job but can continue to work on their math, reading, GED or English skills at the same time. I-BEST students are five times more likely to be successful in college than regular basic skills students!

I-BEST Programs

No I-BEST programs are currently offered.  

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I-BEST Faculty/Staff

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