Emporium Math Videos

Emporium Math Videos

Below are links to the YouTube videos used in the Emporium Labs. Each video corresponds to a page in the Emporium course workbooks available for download below. The name of the instructor who recorded the video is included in each title. Some videos have been recorded by more than one instructor to provide diversity of instructional strategies.

These videos can also serve as a review before taking the Math placement test (Accuplacer).

Introduction to Algebra (MATH 094)

Unit 01: Integers and Algebraic Expressions<br />

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Negatives

Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Negatives

Exponents and Order of Operations

 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Unit 02: Fractions

Prime Factorization

Reduce Fractions

Multiply and Divide Fractions

Least Common Multiple

Add and Subtract Fractions

Order of Operations with Fractions

Mixed Numbers

Unit 03: Linear Equations

One Step Equations

Two Step Equations

General Linear Equations

Equations with Decimals and Fractions

Unit 04: Stats, Graphing, Proportions and Percents


Probability and Plotting Points

Rates and Unit Rates

Proportions and Applications

Introduction to Percents

  • 4.5a: Convert Percents and Decimals – (Whitney)
  • 4.5b: Convert Percents and Fractions – (Whitney)

Translate Percents and Applications

Percents as Proportions and Applications

  • 4.7a: Translate and Solve – (Whitney)
  • 4.7b: General Applications – (Whitney)
  • 4.7c: Percent Increase/Decrease – (Mayer)

Unit 05: Geometry and Intro to Polynomials

Convert Units

Area, Volume, and Temperature

Pythagorean Theorem

Introduction to Polynomials

Scientific Notation

  • 5.5a: Convert Scientific Notation to Standard Notation – (Whitney)
  • 5.5b: Convert Standard Notation to Scientific Notation – (Whitney)

Intermediate Algebra I (MATH 098)

Math 098 Course Workbook (7th Ed.)

(Pre-Requisite for MATH&146 – Statistics, MATH&107 – Math in Society or PHIL&120 – Symbolic Logic)

Unit 07: Linear Equations and Applications

Order of Operations

Evaluate and Simplify Algebraic Expressions

Solve Linear Equations


Word Problems

More Word Problems

Unit 08: Graphing Linear Equations and Solving Systems of Equations


Equations of Lines

Line of Best Fit

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Systems by Graphing

Unit 09: Polynomials


Scientific Notation

Advanced Scientific Notation

Add, Subtract, Multiply Polynomials

Polynomial Long Division

Unit 10: Factoring

Greatest Common Factors and Grouping

Factor Trinomials

Factoring Tricks

Factoring Strategy

Solving Equations by Factoring

Quadratic Formula

Unit 11: Functions

Functions and Function Notation

Exponential Equations


Graphs of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

  • 11.4a: Exponential Function – (Harberts)
  • 11.4b: More Graphs of Exponential Functions – (Harberts)
  • 11.4c: Exponential Growth and Decay – (Harberts)
  • 11.4d: Logarithmic Function Graphs – (Harberts)

Compound Interest

Dimensional Analysis

  • 11.6a: US Customary – (Abed)
  • 11.6b: Metric – (Abed)
  • 11.6c: US Customary ↔ Metric – (Abed)
  • 11.6d: Higher Powers – (Abed)
  • 11.6e: Area/Volume Units – (Abed)

Applied Dimensional Analysis

  • 11.7a: Dual Unit Conversions – (Mayer)
  • 11.7b: More Rates – (Abed)
  • 11.7c: Chemistry Applications – (Mayer)
  • 11.7d: Physics – (Mayer)

Intermediate Algebra II (Math 099)

MATH 099 Course Workbook (7th Ed.)

(Pre-Requisite for MATH&141 – Pre-Calculus, MATH&147 – Finite Math)

Unit 13: Compound Inequalities


Compound Inequalities

Absolute Value Equations

Absolute Value Inequalities

Unit 14: Systems of Equations


Systems with Three Variables

Applications of Systems – Value

Applications of Systems – Mixture Problems

Unit 15: Radicals

Simplify Radicals

Add, Subtract, and Multiply Radicals

Rationalize Denominators

Rational Exponents

Radical of Mixed Index

Complex Numbers

Complete the Square

Quadratic Formula

Unit 16: College Algebra Topics

Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

Add and Subtract Rational Expressions

Compound Fractions

Rational Equations

Equations with Radicals

Equations with Exponents

Rectangle Problems

Work Problems

Distance and Revenue Problems

Unit 17: Functions

Functions and Function Notation

Operations on Functions

Inverse Functions

Graphs of Quadratic Functions

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