Chapter 2

Aviation Weather Product Policy

Classification of WX Products

  • The FAA gets its official wx info from the NWS
  • The FAA cautions using unfamiliar or 3rd party weather products
  • Goes as far as to say to review the description of services and provider disclosure

Types of Wx Info

  • Observations
  • Raw weather data collected by sensors
  • Analysis
  • Wx info that has been enhanced or interpreted
  • Forecasts
  • Prediction of wx including:
  • TAF
  • Center Wx Advisories
  • Meteorological Impact Statements

Aviation Weather Sources

  • Federal Government
  • This includes the FAA and NWS
  • The Feds are not the only source for wx information anymore
  • Commercial Wx Information Providers under contract
  • A FAA approved source of wx dudes
  • Like Lockheed Martin and DUATS
  • Must follow technical and quality assurance standards
  • Commercial Wx Information Providers
  • Repackage the wx
  • Use caution when using
  • Products are not under FAA/NWS control
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