BAS-AM Capstone Project Partnership Application

Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management (BAS-AM) CAPSTONE PROJECT PARTNER - Application
Thank you for considering a partnership with a small team of Big Bend students who are completing their BAS-AM Capstone Project this year (Nov 2023 to June 2024).
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What is a Capstone Project Partnership?

In the final quarter of the BAS-AM program, senior-level students engage in a culminating project that articulates their learning through research and analysis of a current, real-world issue. BAS-AM is seeking local businesses and non-profit organizations to partner in providing project topics and mentorship for students through the process. Capstone Teams will work collaboratively to address a challenge or opportunity experienced at the organization, and applying business principles, will develop recommendations delivered through a written report and presentation.

How to become a Capstone Project Partner

The Capstone Partner Application below will give you the opportunity to share important information about your organization and the challenge or opportunity you would like the BAS-AM student team to address during the quarter. 

A student team and instructor will be assigned to the project in the spring. The project will take place over 10 weeks from April 1, 2024 to June 14, 2024.  

The Capstone Project Partner will agree to meet with the student team 2-3 times throughout the quarter, provide relevant resources to help them understand the project, and schedule a time for the team to deliver the final report and presentation (between June 5 and 13). Meetings and the presentations will be held at Big Bend Community College.

Decisions on project acceptance will be made as soon as possible after the application is submitted. 

Thank you for supporting Big Bend Community College students!

Benefits of participating as a Capstone Project Partner

  • Organizations benefit by having a team of students researching and making recommendations focused on a challenge or strategic opportunity they are facing.
  • Organizations will receive a written report and live presentation outlining the student group’s research and recommendations. The organization can invite its team and/or stakeholders to participate. 
  • ​Organizations get an opportunity to collaborate with a group of soon-to-be, local professionals.
  • Students benefit by networking with a local organization and applying their learning and management skills in a real-world, current scenario. 
  • Big Bend Community College benefits by connecting our curriculum with local community partners, and advancing educational opportunities to meet the changing needs of our service district. ​

A brief description of our program

The Bachelor of Applied Science-Applied Management program builds on any associate-level degree, by adding the upper-division coursework focused on applied management. BAS-AM provides a pathway for students who have built technical skills in workforce education programs, to earn a bachelor’s credential and be prepared for career opportunity and growth within our service district. BAS-AM uses real-world, project-based curriculum to ensure that our graduates are ready to thrive in our local economy. Our flexible program can be taken 100% online and works well for adult learners balancing work, family, and college.

For more information about courses, learning objectives, cost, and application process, please visit the BAS-AM webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in becoming a Capstone Community Partner?

Please complete a short form outlining your organization’s project and identifying a point of contact. Once we receive it, we will be in touch with you within 5 days to follow up on the next steps. Applications should be submitted by October 31, 2023 for priority consideration for Spring Quarter 2024.

What is the time commitment to being a Capstone Community Partner?

Organizations need to have a point-of-contact on their team. This partner will meet with a small student group (2-4 students) at the beginning of the quarter to provide context and background for the project, then again 2-3 times throughout the quarter to discuss progress and review drafts of the recommendations. At the end of the quarter, the Partner will the final presentation and be provided the written report outlining the project research and recommendations. All meetings can be held remotely. 

What is the cost of becoming a Capstone Community Partner?

There is no monetary cost. Partners are expected to share their time and attention in mentoring their student group through the project. 

What can the project challenge/opportunity focus on?

BAS-AM students have completed coursework and case study projects across a variety of management topics including: human resources, marketing, financial management, business accounting, leadership, operational management, project management, and communications. The capstone project can be multi-faceted and cross-over many of these curricular topics.

Once I submit my capstone project application, what happens next?

The BAS Coordinator and/or faculty lead will be in contact with you to discuss next steps. Projects officially begin April 1, 2024, but we’ll connect you with your student team to develop a set of meeting dates and goals prior to the beginning of Spring Quarter. You will hear back on your application within 7 business days. 

What if things aren't going well, how do we get support?

The BAS Coordinator and faculty lead will be available throughout the project. We encourage organizations to stay in touch and to always feel free to contact us if there are any concerns about the students or the direction of the project.

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