Ag Degrees & Advising Maps

The degrees below are designed to give students a strong foundation in agriculture, whether they are preparing for a direct route to industry or planning on continuing their education at a university.  

Associate in Applied Science - Ag Technology & Management (non-transfer)

BBCC provides students interested in Agricultural Technology and Management a comprehensive Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree with three customized pathways intended to provide graduates with the skills needed to independently operate or support local, regional and national agriculture industries. 

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This degree plan also specifically outlines Certificates of Achievement for students interested in Agricultural Business, Agronomy, and/or the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These specializations may be completed in conjunction with the Ag Technology Degree.  

Agricultural Agronomy Certificate of Achievement

Agricultural Business Certificate of Achievement

Agricultural UAS Certificate of Achievement 

Associate in Applied Science - Transfer

This program is designed to give students a strong foundation in the agricultural fields and aligns with the specific WSU majors within the Integrated Plant Sciences and Agricultural Food Systems degrees. Students completing this degree will be prepared to begin upper division work in agriculture at WSU.

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Articulation Agreements with Washington State University

Customized Articulation Agreements are intended to eliminate duplication of coursework and better integrate programs to ensure a more efficient pathway to graduation. The agreements provide Big Bend Community College students with a more efficient transfer pathway to Washington State University (WSU).  Listed below are the current Custom Articulation Agreement options.  

  • Field Crop Management
  • Agricultural and Food Business Economics
  • Agricultural Technology and Production Management

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Agriculture Annual Course Schedule

Because Ag and related degree courses are not offered every quarter, it is important to prioritize those courses that are only offered during specific times of the year.  Below is a schedule outlining most the AAS and AAS-T courses.  Courses not listed below are typically offered every quarter such as CHEM& 121, ENGL& 101, and PSYC& 100.

  Fall Winter Spring Summer
  AGR 101 (2 cr) X      
  AGR 110   X    
  AGR 120 X      
  AGR 211     X  
  AGR 212     X*  
  AGR 241   X      
  AGR 251      X *  
  AGR 261  X X    
  AGR 263    X    
  AGR 271     X  
  AGR 272   X**    
  AGR 295      
  AGR 297 (1 cr)      
  BIOL& 211 X   X  
  BOT 130   X    
  CHEM& 105 X X X X
  CHEM& 161 X      
  CHEM& 162   X    
  CHEM& 163     X  
  GIS 110 X      
  GIS 210   X    
  GIS 220     X  
  MATH& 148     X  
  UMS 107     X  
  UMS 112 X   X  
  UMS 142     X  

(X = OFFERED during the quarter)
* AGR 212 and AGR 251 alternate with each other, only offered once every other year
** AGR 272 offered odd years (2019, 2021)

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