2CFR-200 Statement

Big Bend Community College has elected to defer implementation of federal grant funded purchase regulations under 2CFR 200 until July 1, 2018.  We will continue with federal grant funded procurements under OMB Circular A-110.

Joe Auvil
Director of Purchasing

RFQ/RFP Results

Please click on this link to open the Excel spreadsheet with this information.

 RFQ and RFP List

Interlocal Agreements

RCW 39.34.010 of the Interlocal Cooperation Act requires Washington State Agencies that have entered into InterLocal Agreements with other government entities to file copies of these agreements with the local county auditor’s office OR publish a list of these agreements on the agency’s web site that is available to the public.

Big Bend Community College has opted to publish publicly on this web site page the Interlocal Agreements that we currently have.

If you would like a copy of a listed agreement, please contact our HR department and ask for the Public Records Request person.  They will be able to provide you with this information. 

Current BBCC Interlocal Agreements – updated 3/2/18

Agency/Department – Contract Number Start Date End Date BBCC Department
DES – #532 3/27/17 12/30/19 Prof Tech
DES – #533 3/27/17 12/30/19 Admin
Western eTutoring – #583 7/1/17 6/30/19 Library
iPathways – #588 7/1/17 6/30/18 Adult Education
WA St Dept Agriculture – #620 8/10/17 12/31/18 Testing
Pierce College – #632 9/1/17 8/31/18 HSEM Program
Skillsource – #639 9/18/17 6/30/18 Prof Tech
Ephrata HS – #663 9/11/17 6/30/18 Running Start
Moses Lake HS – #674 9/11/17 6/30/18 Running Start

Purchasing Contact

Joe Auvil

Director of Purchasing


(509) 793-2016

Building 1400

Room 1414C

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