BBCC Outreach-Request Us

This page is intended to coordinate with the schools, students, service organizations and diverse communities within the Big Bend service district.  Please use this page to:

  • Invite a BBCC Outreach Representative to an event or for a presentation(s)
  • Contact those college and university representatives listed on the College Rep Poster about an upcoming event
  • Coordinate your activity around our service district calendar of events
  • Download and Print the most up-to-date version of the College Rep Poster

College Rep Poster

Outreach Requests

In an effort to simplify the coordination of College Rep Poster personnel we have developed an online Outreach Request form.  This request will only be shared with those parties selected during completion of the request.  Her is how it works:

  • Complete the Request Us form
  • BBCC will share it as requested (i.e. internally, college/university reps)
  • Those representatives will confirm with the point of contact provided on the form
  • Each party only has to make one contact.  It’s that simple!

Request Us Form

Service District Calendar of Events

The BBCC service district is the largest area among all Community and Technical Colleges (CTCs) in the state of Washington.  We have developed this page in an effort to better serve you by making our Outreach and Recruitment personnel more available.  Big Bend is committed to supporting all students and their postsecondary endeavors, which is why we are coordinating with the college/university representatives and military recruiters that regularly visit our service district.  Please use the calendar below to avoid double-booking professionals from the College Rep Poster and reduced participation at your event or activity.

Outreach Calendar

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