Robin Arriaga presented with Exemplary Award for 2015 from the Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges

Robin Arriaga receives STTACC Award
Robin Arriaga receiving 2015 STTACC Award

BBCC Human Resource Consultant Assistant Robin Arriaga, left, recently received the Exemplary Award for 2015 from the Staff Training for Technical and Community Colleges (STTACC). 

BBCC Trustee Anna Franz, right, made the presentation at a recent board meeting.

Robin Arriaga stated, “I am honored to win this award and want to thank the STTACC Board.

 It really is the result of a team effort, so I want to thank President Terry Leas and Vice President of Human Resources Kim Garza for their support of the STAR (Staff Training and Recognition) committee’s efforts, as well as the personal support that they have given to me.  In the past two years our classified staff team has totally restructured our committee into the STAR committee.  The team’s efforts provided current and meaningful training and professional development opportunities to our fellow classified staff members.  I have watched fellow STAR committee members blossom into vibrant, willing, participatory team members.  We have worked diligently to make a difference at Big Bend Community College and to bring classified staff needs for professional development and recognition into the spotlight.  Other classified staff have commented on the new vision our team has brought, and they appreciate the road we are now traveling.

I love working at Big Bend Community College as I have been here for 19 years and counting.  I hope I am able to continue to contribute in a positive manner and to provide a positive role model to other classified staff.

Once again thank you so much, as I am very excited to win this award!”

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