Character Crew Comes to Sage Point

Character Crew
Big Bend Community College basketball players Colin Ahmann, Jai Jai Ely, Garret Wendt, Austin Henry hold up letters spelling “Crew” at a rally at Sage Point Elementary on Tuesday.


The Character Crew — The Big Bend Community College men’s basketball team — came to Sage Point Elementary School on Tuesday to dunk a few balls and tell kids about the important of being kind, honest, respectful, and responsible.

“It’s about treating others the way we want to be treated,” said Blake Pittman, a first-year player from Ephrata.

Pittman described arriving at Big Bend Community College and being scared because he didn’t know anyone there.

He pointed to his teammates.

“These guys have good character,” Pittman said. “Now I have a lot of friends.”

Mark Poth, coach of the BBCC Vikings, told the gathered grade school students the Character Crew was a club they could join, and he showed them his green “Character Crew” bracelet that they could wear too.

“It reminds me of some of things I need to do to be a person of good character.”

Viking basketball player Zach Shepherd gives fifth graders at Sage Point Elementary School a round of high fives after a successful dunk.
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