FAFSA/WASFA Workshop Calendar

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Need assistance filling out your FASFA or WASFA? We will be hosting workshops throughout the month.

It is important to complete your FAFSA or WASFA as soon as it is available because some the available grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis. If you are eligible for some grants but awarded later in the academic year,  you will be place on a waitlist and will not be guaranteed those grants for the academic year. Also, it is important to check on the status of your financial aid application after you have submitted your FAFSA or WASFA. There may be additional documents needed to be submitted. Your file will not be reviewed until all required documents are submitted.

Reserve a seat at one of the FAFSA or WASFA workshops by visiting the financial aid office or contacting Jose Hernandez at joseh@bigbend.edu.


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