Transforming Lives

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Fausto Parra Receiving 2016 Transforming Lives Award People who want to go to college often face obstacles, and it’s not just the expense.

Fatima Borjas, Fausto Parra and Jennifer Gallaway had kids. Erica Martell was in a serious accident that meant a long recovery and problems with pain medication – and she was helping out family members.

Irene Gonzalez at the 2016 Transforming LivesSometimes it is the money – Irene Gonzalez worked to make enough money for one quarter, then worked until she had enough for another quarter. April Suarez used the Running Start program to help her with some of those expenses.

Phillip Christian had to face harassment (not at school) and worked two jobs while at BBCC. William Sheetstock had to find the motivation to try again.

The eight students were recognized for their perseverance at the annual Transforming Lives banquet on campus Wednesday night. Christian will represent the college at the state Transforming Lives program in January.

Parra, Martell, Gonzalez and Gallaway attended the dinner, and all of them said they couldn’t have made it without the help of their family and friends, and BBCC staff.

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