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The navigation menu shows up behind the slideshow.

This is an issue with Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View being enabled. To disable,

  1. Go to Tools (on the top) on Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on Compatibility View, which will disable Compatibility View.

If the issue persists, then you may need to remove “www.bigbend.edu” from the Compatibility View list.

  1. Go to Tools (on the top) on Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on Compatibility View settings.
  3. Click on “bigbend.edu” under the section titled “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View” and click the Remove button.
  4. Make sure “Display all websites in compatibility view” is NOT checked.
  5. Click the Close button and refresh the page.


How do I get a Facebook Like Widget/App for my Page?

  • Check out the article at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages.
  • Create your own Facebook Like Widget and click “Get Code”.
  • Choose “IFRAME” as the code you want to copy and copy the code to your clipboard.
  • In the BBCC WordPress Administration, go to the page you would like to add your Facebook Like Widget/App to and click “Edit”.
  • Paste the code in the desired location of the page.
  • Hit the blue “Update” button.


How do I edit a page in the web site?

Note: You will need a WordPress Editor or Administrator login prior to following these steps.

Click here to open the video tutorial on editing pages on www.bigbend.edu.


How do I setup a new page?

Note: You will need a WordPress Editor or Administrator login prior to following these steps.

Setting up a new page in the BBCC WordPress site involves creating a new page and adding it to the “Sitemap” menu (and Top menu if it’s a top-level page), which will then add it to the site’s hierarchy. The following steps should help guide you through this process:

  • After logging into WordPress Administration, go to Pages > New Page.
  • In the Page Editor, add:
    • Title – shows up at the very top of your browser window, as a prominent heading in the page and in the permalink for your new page (i.e., https://www.bigbend.edu/your-page-title)
    • Page content
    • Page Attributes: Parent – be sure to select the appropriate parent page to tell WordPress how and where this page should be presented in the hierarchy of the site
    • Order: If this is one of many pages under the same Parent page, it’s usually a good idea to update the order. A page with an order of “0” is the highest in priority than a page with a priority of “1”, “2”, …, “1000”
    • If you have content to populate in the right sidebar, you can do so using the Custom Fields > select Sidebar1 through Sidebar4 and add basic content or HTML if you need something more elaborate
    • Hit “Publish”
  • Go to Appearance > Menus > make sure “Sitemap” is the menu you are currently editing.
    • Locate your new page on the left-side, under the “Pages” heading
    • Click the checkbox next to your new page and hit the “Add to Menu” button
    • Scroll down to the very bottom of the menu, where your new page has been added
    • Click, drag and release that new menu item to its appropriate location within the Sitemap hierarchy (if your new page is a child of another page, then make sure it is indented to the right more than its parent, denoting that it should be categorized underneath that page)
    • Scroll to the top and click the “Save Menu” button
    • Do not close or navigate away from the page until the page refreshes, indicating that the menu has been successfully saved.


What are the recommendations around adding Video to a page or post?

We recommend using YouTube.com to serve up videos within your pages and posts. When uploading your video please provide a useful and descriptive title and description of the video and please caption your video. If you need help captioning your video on YouTube, then please contact jeremys@bigbend.edu.


Contact Form 7: send copy to sender with checkbox

To make this work, use the Mail (2) function of CF7: instead of setting up the sender’s address as CC; I send a second mail with differing content. This workaround just works with Mail (2) and not with CC/BCC, so you have to do it the same way or change the code to your desires.

The code does the following: we leave the recipient field in Mail (2) blank, and it will be filled with the sender’s e-mail address if the checkbox at the frontend is checked. So either there will be a second mail send or not.

To get it to work, do the following:

1. Open the CF7 contact form which you want to edit in WordPress Admin area. You set up the [checkbox] snippet which produces the checkbox in the contact form on your website:

[checkbox contact_sendmail "Send me a copy of this message"]

2. Activate Mail (2) (the mail copy which will be sent to the sender), fill it out to fit your needs, leave the To: field blank! Don’t put [your-mail] etc. in it.

3. In your active theme’s function.php, make sure you have the following code:

function check_mail_send_contactform($cf7) {
 //get CF7's mail and posted_data objects
 $submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance();
 if ( $submission ) {
 $posted_data = $submission->get_posted_data();
 $mail = $cf7->prop( 'mail' );

 if($posted_data['contact_sendmail'][0]) { //if Checkbox checked
 $mail2 = $cf7->prop( 'mail_2' ); //get CF7's mail_2 object
 //now set sender's address to mail2's recipient
 $mail2['recipient'] = $mail['sender'];
 $cf7->set_properties( array( 'mail_2' => $mail2 ) );
 return $cf7;

What does it do?

Firstly, we load CF7’s objects in arrays to make them accessible to us. Afterwards we look if the checkbox was checked (we don’t need to know about the content of the checkbox, just if there is anything) and if yes, we set the sender’s address to the recipient of the second mail.


How to Update Athletics Rosters

Note: You will need a WordPress Editor or Administrator login prior to following these steps.

  1. Once you are logged into WordPress, go back to the Front-end of the web site by placing your cursor over the “ Big Bend Community College” link in the top-left of the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the desired Athletics Roster page (i.e., https://www.bigbend.edu/student-life/athletics/womens-basketball/roster/).
  3. Click the “ Edit Page” link in the Admin Toolbar, appearing across the top of the page.
  4. Edit each returning player’s updated information in the roster presented in the table.
    1. It is recommended to manually replace/type this information, as copying/pasting from another web site or Word document would bloat the page’s HTML with extra formatting that could decrease the page’s effectiveness with search engines and screen readers (assistive software for visually impaired users).
    2. For returning players, there is no need to change the link that is applied to their name in the roster.
      1. If a returning player’s info has changed in the roster AND they have a Popup Page that is linked from their name, you will also need to update his/her information in the linked page:
        (Note: this screenshot shows how the player’s Popup Page can be edited from within the lightbox)
        Screenshot demonstrating how to edit a page in a lightbox
    3. For new players, a new page will need to be setup and linked to from the table in the Roster page…see Step 5.
  5. New players will need to have a new page setup. Assuming you will be adding more than one new player to the roster, it is recommended that you stay in the Page Editor for the roster page.
    1. From within the Page Editor, place your cursor over the ” New” link in the WordPress Admin Toolbar > right-click “Page” > and click on “Open Link in New Window”:
      Screenshot of Creating a New WordPress Page in a New Window

      Repeat this step for every new player needing a popup page setup for him/her.

    2. Each New page will need the following information setup in order for the popup page to work and appear as desired when it is invoked from the Roster:
      1. Page Title
      2. Body Content
        1. You can click on the Post Snippets icon and insert a code snippet for the new player’s info:
          Post Snippets Popup Box for New Player
      3. Page Attributes > Parent (drop-down) set to the applicable Roster page.
      4. Page Attributes > Template (drop-down) set to “Popup Page”.
      5. “Robots Meta NOINDEX” checked in the All in One SEO Pack Pro section.
      6. “Robots Meta NOFOLLOW” checked in the All in One SEO Pack Pro section.
      7. “Exclude this post or page from the index.” checked in the Relevanssi post controls section.
        Screenshot Demonstrating Mandatory Info for New Player Popup Page in WordPress
      8. Click “Publish” when you have finished adding your content for your new player’s page.
      9. Close the window for your new player’s page.
  6. Back on the Roster page, highlight your New player’s name setup in steps from section 5.2 and click the “Insert/edit link” button.
    1. Type the new player’s name in the Search field, click on his/her name and click “Add link”.
    2. Next, you will need to add a little bit of HTML to make the page show up in a lightbox.
      1. Click the “Text” tab to the right of the “Visual” editor tab:
        Screenshot Demonstration of the Text Editor Tab
      2. Search for your new player’s name (i.e., “Maddie Williams”) in the HTML code and locate the tag:

        <a href="https://www.bigbend.edu/student-life/athletics/womens-basketball/roster/maddie-williams/">Maddie Williams</a>

      3. Add “class=lbp_secondary” right in between the “<a” and “href=...“, so that it looks like:
        <a class="lbp_secondary" href="https://www.bigbend.edu/student-life/athletics/womens-basketball/roster/maddie-williams/"> Maddie Williams</a>
    3. Click the “Update” button to save your changes to the Roster page.
    4. View the page on the Front-end to make sure the Roster looks good and the lightbox works for your new players’ pages.



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