Peer Tutoring

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Peer tutoring is FREE to all BBCC students!

This program recognizes the need for tutorial help regardless of the grade a student is receiving at the present time and is designed to help students to achieve their goals and college success.

The BBCC Peer Tutoring Program is a resource for all students, the tutors do not teach.  They are here to HELP you master the materials.   Tutoring sessions are designed to assist students with studying a particular subject.

SSC Peer Tutors:

  • Will not do homework for you
  • Will not assist in quizzes, tests, or any other assessments
  • Will not negotiate with instructors or advocate for you

How do I request a tutor?

  1. Complete an Application

    Students requesting tutoring services can pick up a Student Request for Tutoring application at the Student Success Center located in the 1400 building or print the following options pages. (Word Document)  Note:  If prompted to connect to server or download, just hit cancel or exit and the document will open.

  2. Return your Application to the Student Success Center

    After you have fully completed the request form, simply return it to the Student Success Center.

  3. Follow-up and Implementing

    The Student Success Center will match students with individual tutors who have been recommended by their instructors and have completed the tutor training.  Once you are matched with a tutor, your Peer Tutor will contact you via your BBCC e-mail.

    If you have questions about the status of your tutor request, please stop by the Student Success Center or contact:  Laura Warnock, 509-793-2316;

How can I become a Peer Tutor?

A Peer Tutor is a paid student position and subject to application review and completion of the following. Anyone who demonstrates excellence in a particular subject area and has a genuine desire to help people can be a Peer Tutor.  The idea behind the service is students helping students, where a BBCC student can receive FREE one-on-one academic assistance with their course.  (Word Document Pg 2) Note:  If prompted to connect to server or download, just hit cancel or close and the document will open.

  • Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and received an A or B for the subject matter you are requesting to tutor.
  • Applicant must receive a teacher recommendation
  • Applicant will complete Peer Tutor application. (Interactive Word Document) OR (PDF)
  • Applicant will complete tutor training to include; review of the tutor training manual, completion of confidentiality statement and tutor contract
  • Applicant will complete the necessary W-4 &I-9 documents in the student employment packet, including a background check.

For more information or an application, stop by the Student Success Center or contact Laura Warnock, 509-793-2316; 

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