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Big Bend offers several different tutoring programs to help students identify and develop strategies that support learning and enhance academic performance. Tutoring also promotes confident, independent learners prepared to meet academic challenges. We offer the following tutoring options:

How to Get a One on One Tutor   Get Help With Your Papers at the Writing Center
How to Get Started With eTutoring at BBCC   How to Get STEM Tutoring


The Student Success Center supports students using every means possible to be successful in a class.  In addition to working with a tutor, we encourage students to:

  • Make regular use of their instructor’s office hours to ask for help working through the things they don’t understand. (See helpful tips)
  • Visit the library and campus labs to do classwork and consult with experts.
  • Talk to other classmates about forming a study group.  Study rooms are available in the library or the Student Success Center.
  • Make use of free online resources (see below.)

Free Online Resources

  1. BBCC Emporium – The Emporium math model videos are designed for BBCC math courses.
  2. Khan Academy – The Khan Academy has created free tutorial videos for a wide variety of subjects, including math, science, finance, economics, computer science, humanities, and test preparation. Their YouTube videos are also helpful!
  3. Purplemath – Learn math from with these free lessons.
  4. Math TV – Math instructors explain specific topics with helpful videos.
  5. Purdue Owl – The #1 resource for writing and formatting college-level papers.

FREE Online Workshops from Virginia Tech University

  1. Time Management Strategies – Improve academic performance by adding structure to your calendar.
  2. Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory – Make the most of the time you have available.
  3. Improve Textbook Reading Comprehension – Get the most from your textbook using the SQ3R Strategy
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