Peer Mentoring Programs

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BBCC uses peer-to-peer advocacy programs and service learning projects to assist students in adapting and navigating the college system as well as developing a higher level of engagement with peers, the BBCC campus, and the surrounding community.  Our mentor programs assist students in their academic and social transition into college.  Mentors promote academic excellence, encourage the development of student relationships with other students and staff, raise awareness to campus resources and events, and provide ongoing encouragement and guidance throughout the year.


Peer Advocate Coaches (PAC):

Currently Recruiting for Winter 2018 PAC Leaders!

The goal of PAC is helping students enrolled in the College Survival Skills classes to become effective and engaged members of the BBCC community.

Peer advocates team together with College Survival Skills (CSS) faculty and members from the BBCC counseling department to provide academic and social support to the CSS students.  They meet individually, in the classroom setting, and also use social media platforms to support students in setting goals, making connections to college life, achieving academic success, navigating college systems, and linking to college services designed to help students be successful.  The PAC leaders also coordinate one Service Learning opportunity per quarter for the CSS students to participate in.

See and hear what our past PAC leaders have to say:

Angel Ledezma, Daniel Herrera, Sonia Mendoza, Joey Garcia, Edgar Chen, Natalie Fish

Interested in joining the PAC Team?

PAC leaders are experienced, energetic students who have exhibited success in navigating the academic and co-curricular activities here at BBCC.   They are open, friendly, supportive students who are genuinely interested in helping other students be successful.



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