Student Success Center

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Our Mission

The Student Success Center (SSC) is committed to serving students by providing resources that will help them achieve their educational goals at Big Bend Community College.

Quarter-Long Laptop & Textbook Checkouts

Students can check out textbooks, laptops or netbooks FREE of charge in the SSC. These resources can be checked out for the entire quarter and are on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Make sure you have Student ID; List of books required for your classes. 
  • All returns are due by the last day of the quarter.
  • Although there is no fee for this service, failure to return on time could result in a block for next quarter registration and charges sent to collection.

Open Computer Lab

The SSC offers a mini-computer lab with printing capabilities that is open to all BBCC students.  Our computers are equipped with most your software needs including Microsoft Office and various web browsers.  Working from our lab allows you to save your work to your network drive, which can be accessed from anywhere on campus.

Study Area and Rooms

The SSC offers students a warm and welcoming environment where they can work independently or in a group.  Students can study in our naturally lit open area or reserve a private study room to study with a group, private tutor or to fulfill a reasonable accommodation, which includes but is not limited to students with documented learning disabilities or students with infant needs. 

Inquire about room availability at the front desk.


The SSC offers FREE tutoring programs that assists BBCC students to identify and develop strategies that support learning and enhance academic performance. Tutoring programs at SSC aim to inspire students to become confident, independent learners prepared to meet academic challenges.
The SSC also processes requests for one-on-one tutoring.  These requests are managed on a case to case basis and contingent on all other campus tutoring resources being explored and exhausted. 

Peer Mentoring

BBCC uses peer-to-peer advocacy programs and service learning projects to assist students in adapting and navigating the college system as well as developing a higher level of engagement with peers, the BBBC campus and the surrounding community.

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