Printing Policy

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Beginning spring quarter 2010 Big Bend Community College (BBCC) will be implementing a new printing policy for students. This new policy is based upon the Washington State House Bill 2287 concerning paper conservation. This new policy will be adopted and implemented to encourage the campus to print responsibly and become aware of environmental issues by going “green”.

How does it work for students? Student printing usage will be tracked when you logon to BBCC’s network. Good news! You will begin with a “complimentary” amount in your student account for printing on campus printers each academic quarter. Once that complimentary amount is exhausted, you may replenish it by using the Printer Cash Machine located in the library by using your student ID card. Please remember to add only the funds you believe you will use for the current quarter. At the end of every quarter, all balances including unused funds will be cleared. There will be no refunds. For more information please refer to the following Administrative Procedure by clicking here.

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