President’s Message

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Terry Leas, President

Terry Leas

Big Bend Community College is committed to excellence in teaching and learning while striving continuously to be a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse campus. We aspire to provide an educational experience that embraces difference, fosters respect, and extends beyond the classroom to local and global communities. We support a learning environment in which students, faculty and staff members, and trustees understand the challenges, accomplishments, and perspectives of various groups of people, thus gaining a more complete understanding of ourselves as well as how to engage in conversation spanning differences and commonalities. The inclusion and experiences of others with diverse points of view often allow us to see dimensions of life previously unnoticed.

I am honored to provide leadership in promoting an inclusive community at Big Bend. Together, our community will ensure that Big Bend is a place that values all who work and learn here and that continues to promote equity, inclusiveness, justice, and the vision that valuing diversity is essential for institutional excellence. Achieving this outcome is a fundamental commitment critical to realizing Big Bend Community College’s mission, vision, and values.

Terrence D. Leas, Ph.D.


Big Bend Community College

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