Academic Early Warning

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What is AEW?

Click here to see a short video about AEW. Instructors, click here to access AEW.

So what is this Academic Early Warning thing? AEW is a method of early communication to students from their instructors about academic behaviors that could impact their success in that class. Do I need to do anything to sign up?

No. Your instructors can make a report any time during the quarter; you don’t have to do anything.  If they have any concerns about your performance and choose to use AEW, you will receive a high-priority email the Monday after they report, naming their concerns and encouraging you to see them.  You will also be contacted by a cohort leader from our student support team who can help you find resources available to you on campus. 


Will all of my instructors use AEW?

We piloted this service during fall quarter of 2011, and not all instructors are using it yet. Students remain responsible for keeping track of how they are doing in their courses whether or not a faculty member sends them an AEW report.


What are the academic behaviors they will report on?

Instructors may choose as many of the following as apply: Excessive Absences, Low Test/Assignment Scores, Missed Test/Assignments, Inadequately Prepared, or Lack of Participation.  The report won’t affect your grade, and your instructor might offer helpful comments.

What do I do if I get an AEW letter?

Contact your instructor so you can discuss difficulties you might be experiencing in the course.  Meet with the cohort leader that contacts you.  Utilize the services on the list of free Big Bend Community College resources that will be linked in your email.


Am I in trouble with the college or financial aid if I get one of these letters?

No. Receiving an AEW email does not automatically impact your official standing with the college or Financial Aid.  Its purpose is to give you an opportunity to address the concerns named in the email before you are at risk of going on academic probation or jeopardizing your standing with Financial Aid.

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Where do I get more information?

If you have questions, please contact:

Laura Warnock, Retention Specialist



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