Solar Cars Take to the Track

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Fifth graders watch solar cars race on a track

Photo by Cheryl Schweizer, Columbia Basin Herald

By Cheryl Schweizer, Columbia Basin Herald

MOSES LAKE — Owning a race car is a tough gig.

“I got it working. Yes!” exulted the builder-owner. “No.” Alas, the car stopped working almost immediately. But sometimes that’s how it goes for fifth-graders racing at the annual Solar Car Races and Energy Fair sponsored by the Grant County PUD, REC Silicon, Puget Sound Energy, Big Bend Community College and the Moses Lake School District.

Fifth graders from throughout Grant County experiment with solar-powered ovens; “the pizza box thing, the thermometer stuff,” explained Kayser Kane, Wilson Creek. Kids use a pizza box lined with foil to harness the power of the sun, demonstrating their progress with a thermometer.

Kids made paper windmills as an example of wind power, and learn about the technology that harnesses renewable power resources. Utility district crews demonstrate what can happen when there’s an electrical interruption with the help of a fake squirrel. But the biggest attraction is the solar cars.

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