Local Engineers Connect with BBCC Students at Engineering Night

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Engineering students at Big Bend, high school students interested in the field, and members of the community came out to the BBCC STEM Center Thursday evening to listen to presentations by local engineers and to get more information about the various employment opportunities in the engineering field.

Presentations were given from engineers from REC Silicon, IBEW Union, Genie Lifts and Vantage Data Centers and a panel discussion was held with local employees in STEM-related fields from the Grant County PUD, REC and Vantage Data Centers.

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and explore the various employment opportunities that are available in the STEM fields within local industry. Representatives from Washington State University, Washington State University Tri-Cities, University of Idaho, and Seattle University were also on hand to educate attendees their own Engineering programs.

“I thought students were very engaged in the presentations and the universities had a lot of students visiting with them as well,” said Sarah Adams, director of BBCC’s STEM Center. “Community members and high school students attended the event as well, believe the University representatives were all able to make connections with students and faculty to try and make the transfer process more seamless.

“It was also encouraging to me that industries were very open to internship opportunities and possible summer jobs and trying to determine the best fit for our students within their companies.”

At the end of the panel discussion, high school students were able to inquire about BBCC’s Running Start program, attendees were able to learn more about the college’s Unmanned Arial Systems program, and the Engineering Club was also recruiting new members.

It was inspiring for our students to get the opportunity to talk with engineers that are in their field of study,” Adams added. “Big Bend really appreciates the time they spent to prepare and present at Engineering Night.”


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