Remembering Steve Duncan

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Steve Duncan’s death is a devastating loss for Big Bend. He was liked and respected by students and staff. He will be missed by the young women who played for him and by college staff who worked with him.

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Steve Duncan

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Steve Duncan

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This difficult time demands that we come together to support one another while we try to make sense of the unthinkable.
I ask everyone to keep Steve’s parents– Wayne and Cathy, his family, his players, and his friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

Please know BBCC counselors have been made available for grief counseling for both students and staff. Employees also have counseling services available through the BBCC Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Those who would like to share memories of Steve can post them on a special web page to honor and remember Steve. Go to

– President Terry Leas



Please help us contribute to remembering and honoring Steve by sharing your best memories and stories of how Steve impacted your life as family, friend, coach or co-worker in the comment area below.

Celebration of Life for Steve Duncan

Friday, December 5th, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.

Peter DeVries Activity Center (gymnasium)
2000 Bolling St NE
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Public is welcome and invited.

DeVries Map for Steve Duncan's Memorial. Parking in front of the DeVries Activity Center is reserved for immediate family.

Parking in front of the DeVries Activity Center is reserved for immediate family.


30 thoughts on “Remembering Steve Duncan
  1. Eric Salgado says:

    I remember working our first Halloween ASB dance together. Me and Steve (The Sheriff) were laughing and dancing the whole time. Me and Steve shared some deep conversations throughout the event. Me being an ASB officer I haven’t really connected with Steve yet but that night our friendship grew. Ever since that night me and Steve have been good friends. I would always come see Steve when I would turn in my hours in and make him laugh and talk about good things. Steve was the most respectful person I have ever met. He talked about his family back home and how he was the coolest cowboy lol. This world is going to be missing such a wonderful person. Steve was my friend and such a cool guy to be around. I will never forget Steve and all the memories we had..

  2. Jeremy P. Seda says:

    I want to first say how I am truly sorry for everyone’s loss in Steve’s passing! My prayers are with you all. I did not know him as a coach or family, but as a friend and co-worker. I will miss his constant smile, outgoing and friendly attitude and the frequent chats we shared about our coaching experiences.

    The world lost someone great today, but for all those who had the honor of knowing Steve, we were blessed to have him in our lives.

  3. Dale Casebolt says:

    Being the announcer for Volleyball, Coach and I talked alot about the game, and what he wanted to build here at BBCC. He was so proud of his girls and what they had accomplished this past season. He talked about his dream coaching job, either Montana University or Eastern. But we had struck a deal. He would not leave Big Bend before I did! He asked me to go on a recruiting trip to Montana with him. I eggerly said you bet! In such a short time he had made a big impact in our lives. I think a memorial Volleyball game each year should be in his memory, with the funds going to a local female athlete as the Steve Duncan Scholarship. I will miss him and think of him often. But will forgive him for breaking the deal. RIP Coach!!

    • Brenda Pennington says:

      I am Kennedy Bell’s grandma. I agree with you, a scholarship game is a perfect way to honor such a fine young man who left our world too soon. I am so thankful that Kennedy had two such fine men to look up to during her time at Big Bend. Our family is deeply saddened by the loss of Coach Steve. Our prayers go out to his family, friends, and his team.

  4. Brandon Aldaco says:

    I first knew Steve when he subbed for Mrs. Jackson’s Public Speaking class the first day of school. I would always say hi to him during lunch at the cafeteria and talk about sports. I got to go one of his games, when Big Bend played Yakima Valley, and he told me that he liked how I cheered for the girls! It’s kind of surprising thinking that Steve’s not here anymore. He will be missed. Prayers go out to Big Bend Volleyball team, staff, and his family. God Bless.

  5. Raffaela Pixton says:

    Steve was one of those people who would light up a room when he entered. His smile was contagious; I never saw him wear a frown. He was incredibly positive, enthusiastic, and dedicated. My thoughts and prayers go out to Steve’s family, friends, and players. The world lost a great person today.

  6. NICOLE says:

    I want to first give my apologies to his family and players. he was a great man and coach. I know Steve from high school he was our manager when I was sophomore, and he was a freshman, he was like our little brother. We would teach him dance moves or how to talk to girls. it was always a fun time helping steve with his moves 😉 I wish you all new how much Steve loved the game of volleyball and truly enjoyed coaching. I thankful you all got to know him. Steve I am so sad you are gone, I still cant believe it, but even through this sad time I am proud of you for all you have accomplished, in only a way a big sister can be.

  7. Jessica Garcia says:

    I knew Steve in high school, and although we didn’t run in the same circles, I remember he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. He was always so polite and helpful. My sincerest condolences and prayers are with his family and friends.

  8. Rowena says:

    I didn’t know Steve too well but I remember back in ’08-’09 when he volunteered his time to help with volleyball practice at YVCC. I remember how respectful he was and always had nothing but positive things to say. I am grateful to have been in his presence. Prayers to his friends and family.

  9. Emily says:

    My deepest condolences go out to Steve’s family and players. I, like many people got the pleasure to know Steve through volleyball. When I played volleyball at YVCC he used to come and help out at all of our practices. You could always see his passion by the way he played. He had the most competitive spirit and would do whatever it took to win (you always wanted him on your side of the net). Later on I got to coach against Steve when he coached at West Valley and Big Bend. I always looked forward to playing against him because I knew it would be a fun competitive match(that we both took a little personally). My team only ever beat his once and I almost liked losing to Steve because of how proud he was of his team and the glowing smile he had on his face when we would shake hands after the match. I enjoyed talking volleyball with Steve because I always knew that I could learn something new from him. He pushed me as a player and a coach and I will always have the utmost respect for him. He accomplished so much at such a young age. This is a huge loss to not only the volleyball community but society. We lost a truly smart, genuine, kind soul. Thank you for the positive impact you had on me and so many others. RIP Steve-O.

  10. Zhane Serrano says:

    Many prayers go out to Steve, his family, and his friends. I’ll always remember seeing his shining face around campus, and participating with him in leadership events. He will be missed ever so much. So thankful to have known him. Rest in Peace Steve.

  11. David Stretch says:

    Coach Duncan was a very inspiring individual. I feel he brought a very positive energy to BBCC and our Women’s Volleyball team alike. I am saddened to hear of his passing. I know he had many great things he wanted to accomplish during his time at Big Bend, it is truly a shame we will not see those come to light. I remember one of the first days he was working with the girls in a practice and I glanced over to observe his coaching and I could tell that he was the right guy for Big Bend’s lady vikings. Rest in Peace Coach.

  12. Ashley says:

    I went to high school with Steve at Eisenhower High School. He was very involved in our Volleyball team. I also went to a Halloween Tolo dance with him and he was my purple prince and I was the purple princess. He is dearly loved by all and will be missed. My prayers go out to his family. I will see you gain steve…

  13. Cati says:

    I knew Steve through volleyball at Eisenhower. He was one of the nicest people I met. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and I am truly saddened by his passing. He did many great things and will remembered for them. We will miss you Steve!

  14. Tina Bessett says:

    I did not know Coach Duncan personally, but my 12 year old daughter has been going to volleyball camp here at our college for the last few years. This year she came home from her first day and said how awesome and nice the new coach was. She really liked Coach Duncan and learned a lot from him. She was very saddened by the news when I told her this morning. I work here at BBCC and have seen his smile around campus. RIP COACH!!

  15. Melinda says:

    Very thankful for the kind soul of Coach Duncan. His soft smile was full of kindness. I wish I had known him better.

  16. Kyle Foreman says:

    I feel lucky to have known and worked with Steve. He was a great person who inspired many lives. I will miss seeing him every day.

  17. Leo Beltran says:

    I’d like to extend my prayers to Steve’s parents and the volleyball team for their loss. I’m always going to remember Steve walking into the BBCC Bookstore with a huge smile on his face and cracking jokes in the gym. Girls go get the title in his honor.

  18. Debra Laulainen says:

    My condolences to Steve’s family and close friends. I met Steve at CWU when he was part of a cohort in the PESH program. When I first met Steve Duncan I knew he was one of a kind… Full of life. He poured his life’s energy into his dreams and passions. Like me, Steve was recognized in his achievements in being a leader, a good role model, and sharing and expressing his joy for life and teaching. Bummer that his life is over as he had so much more to give and make a positive difference in this world.

  19. Shelena Butler says:

    Duncan was my P.E teacher, he was always helpful and took interest in his students. I remember meeting him, I could not believe he was a teacher he looked so young! But he became one of the best teachers I’ve had in a long time. He told me about how he used to live in California but he never got to learn how to surf. I only wish he would have gotton the chance to learn:/ He will constantly be on my heart and mind. In loving thought of Steve Duncan.

  20. Shawna Juarez says:

    On behalf of Walla Walla CC athletics, we would like to personally express our sincere condolences to BBCC and the family involved. Praying for Steve’s family, that God may bless them and provide them with His sincere comfort during this tough time. Sending thoughts and Prayers all the way from Walla Walla.

  21. Shelena Butler says:

    I remember walking around and trying to find Duncan’s office, he was my P.E teacher and I couldn’t believe it because of how young he looked! he took a sincere interest in his students. Always had a HUGE smile on his face and an intent listening ear, that’s what I’ll miss the most. He told me about how he used to live in California but he never learned how to surf. I only wish he could have gotten the chance to learn:/ But what’s the saddest part? That life ignores what is not its own, life will keep going. Everyone will continue their cycle of redundant human activities which consists of “a moment of silence for the dead…” and classic obituaries and dedications to the deceased witch start and end with “In loving memory of”. Thoughts are current whereas memories are things of the past. Surely nobody wants to forget, but hopefully we all will feel inclined to take a minute out of the day to ponder the pre-existence of one who no longer has the pleasure of simply existing. Steve Duncan was a good man. kind hearted, and immensely impactful in the lives of many people. He deserves more than “In loving memory of…” because the impact he had will long live on even though he is gone… With that I just want to say. “In loving thought of Steve Duncan”.

  22. Ben says:

    I met Steve through one of my roommates in Ellensburg while attending CWU. They were classmates in high school and I was very fortunate to be able to meet Steve and become friends with him. He was a guy who truly had a heart for people. He expressed interest in other people’s lives, and was just an all around upbeat person who could find light in whatever situation he was in. Steve graduated from Central a year before I did, and we kept in contact after that. I was really excited when he moved back up from California and got his job in Moses Lake because I live only a couple hours away and need good people in my life like Steve. I was fortunate enough to see him a couple times in Moses Lake in the past few months. And I completely agree with Debra. He had so much more to offer the world, and made such a positive difference while he was here. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in piece bro.

    • Kathy Kinzel Duncan says:

      I have been looking for you and Shanta, Ben. They took his phone so I couldn’t; contact you personally. I am so sorry

  23. Alexis Spence says:

    Steve had a rare and kind soul and I was privileged enough to work with and get to know him in such a short time. His lively spirit will be forever missed. God gained a beautiful angel and I can’t wait to see him again. Thank you for the impact you left on this world and in the hearts of so many of us. Rest in paradise Steve.

  24. Beth Laszlo says:

    Given Steve and I live on the same street, we were just comparing sunsets from around the world. We both agreed that Moses Lake has some of the best. I will still watch from here Steve – you watch from there, and we’ll compare again some day! Im so saddened and will miss you terribly! You raised a great guy Duncans!

  25. Richard Lyons says:

    I was present at the last home game this past season, the sophomore night where the coach talks and parents come down. It’s an important night and some speakers ramble and go on and on, Steve was excellent, it showed the minute he spoke, he cared about the individuals and how proud he was of each and every one. He had everyone in the gym glued and we could feel how passionate he was towards the game and more about working with the young lady’s on the team. He’s not gone, a piece of him is with everyone he touched, we’ll be better for knowing him and learning from him in so many ways. He is in peace,and we will go on, saddened, but carry his work ethic, his enthusiasm and caring nature and be grateful for the time you had with him. Rest in peace young man and you did good.

  26. Barbara Riegel says:

    Steve did some of his work in the ASB office and each time I went by the office I was greeted by a warm, welcoming smile. As a co-worker, I enjoyed joking with him, his laughter, and his great smile. I pray for God’s peace and comfort for all who were touched by Steve’s life.

  27. Brooke Bowers says:

    Coach, I know this may be a little late but… I want to thank you for teaching me more about the game I love also for making me a better volleyball player and a better person. I also want to thank you for always believing in me telling me, telling me that I can do something that I didn’t think I could do. I will never forget my last year of volleyball here at Big Bend. Also I’m sorry that I was so straight forward! I found this quote that I want to share with you. It says, “There will always be a reason why you meet people either you need the to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs…” I want to thank you for changing my life! RIP

  28. Miraclejoy "MJ" Curtis says:

    Wow! Steve and I always had this positive connection everyday we spent at BBCC. He smiled, I smiled. He’d wave, I’d wave.. Just with those simple kind gestures we would brighten up each others day! MISS YOU STEVE! Prayers & Condolences to the Duncan family.

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