Volunteer Opportunities

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Big Bend Community College is interested in reaching out to volunteers from our community who are looking for a place to connect.  The STEM Center is welcoming volunteers to share in the students’ education process related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Times for volunteering at our new STEM Center facility are flexible, but would be between the hours of 7:45 am and 4 pm Monday – Thursday, when classes are in session. Though we already have tutors on campus who are invaluable to student success, we would love to have community members volunteer to enrich our students’ college experience and perspective on where they are now, the life they have, and the community in which they live.  Interested persons should call STEM Center Coordinator, Veronica Guadarrama, at 509-793-2185 for more information.

Please see below for the list required documents and information you must review before volunteering:

00 Volunteer Orientation Packet Checklist

01 Volunteer Agreement Oct 10 fnl

02 VOLUNTEERING Big Bend Community College Mission Vision and Customer Service

03 VOLUNTEERING Big Bend Community College Policies

04 VOLUNTEERS BBCC Campus Safety & Security

05 Volunteers BBCC-FERPA (Aug 2018)

06 Volunteer Confidentiality Statement

07 VOLUNTEERING Big Bend Community College Mandatory Reporting

08 Volunteer Log- Oct 10 fnl

09 STEM Volunteers Duties Responsibilities and Expectations

10 VOLUNTEER and EMPLOYEE These are a few of my favorite things

WSP Background Check Form-15



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