Marketing Plan

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Big Bend Community College’s Mission Statement identifies the responsibility to determine student needs and set priorities for the use of college resources to achieve the outcomes identified in the Academic Master Plan (AMP). As stated in the mission statement, the institution works with its partners to provide a variety of educational opportunities, including:

  • Courses and training for university and college transfer
  • Occupational and technical programs
  • Basic skills and developmental education
  • Pre-employment and customized training for local business and industry
  • Support services for students to help promote student access, success and retention

In 2002, the Trustees adopted a version of John Carver’s Policy Governance as their operations model consistent with the mission of the community and technical colleges as established in the community and technical college’s enabling legislation. Through Policy Governance, the Board of Trustees has defined “Ends Statements” which have become the focal points for the College’s AMP. The AMP Ends Statement E-2.4 Marketing Plan identifies the importance of analyzing and improving “its various approaches to informing the residents of the college district about the resources and opportunities represented by Big Bend Community College.” This Ends Statement directs the need to develop a comprehensive marketing plan which includes developing annual marketing goals and objectives as well as identifies marketing strategies and tools needed to share information about college resources.

The need to market the institution’s educational opportunities, resources and services has become more pressing as the college has experienced a reduction in its enrollment during the past several quarters. Because enrollment is linked directly to funding, the major challenge is to increase enrollments. Marketing has been identified as a method for increasing student enrollment through targeting underserved populations, improving the image of the institution, and to increase awareness throughout the service district of the training programs and educational opportunities available at BBCC.

The marketing plan will begin an update in 2009. Click here to see the full Marketing Plan.

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