For Aryan, BBCC is about more than taking classes

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Aryan Dehbozorgi Transforming Lives

Aryan Dehbozorgi is congratulated by Norma Pittman of Moses Lake following his inspirational speech at Cellarbration! for Education on May 16. Aryan Dehbozorgi will graduate from BBCC this spring.

Aryan Dehbozorgi’s father died of an aneurism when he was six years old. By the time he was a sophomore in high school he was breaking the law, going before judges, and being placed in juvenile detention.

As a young adult, he landed in county jail.

 “I felt like something was taken from me,” said the Moses Lake native. “My life was a mess and needed to turn around completely,”

Dehbozorgi has transformed his life around at Big Bend Community College during the last two years. He was recognized as a Transforming Lives nominee by the BBCC Board of Trustees on Feb. 25.

While sitting in jail, Dehbozorgi said he realized the death of his father was a wound that had not healed. He knew jail and reckless behavior wouldn’t help him heal and grow.

After he got out of jail, he went to work rebuilding his life. No one would hire him because of his past, so he established a good work ethic and spent six years remodeling apartment complexes, working maintenance, and sustaining a scaffold business.

“I saw the best and worst of people and developed a passion for communicating,” he said. “That sparked an interest for public relations in me as I developed an appreciation for the strategic communications process required for that profession.”

Dehbozorgi’s story is another enhanced by “service learning” opportunities at BBCC. He has served as a Peer Advocate Coach, joined Phi Theta Kappa honors society, worked in the STEM lab, and joined the TRiO and M.E.Ch.A. clubs. He is an active student mentor in the student success center.

“BBCC is about more than taking classes and earning a transfer degree. I have been totally engaged in campus life,” he said.

 Dehbozorgi has presented at conferences and led workshops for students, staff and faculty at BBCC. He volunteers to lead prospective students and parents on campus tours.

He is now an accomplished public speaker—drawing a standing ovation from the crowd attending the scholarship fundraiser Cellarbration! for Education on May 16. He is ready to graduate this spring and transfer to a university.

 “Big Bend gave me the education and support to transform my life from a downward spiral to a successful pathway,” he said.

As he prepares to move to the next stage of his life, Dehbozorgi reflects on who stood by him during the most difficult times.

“My mother, she never gave up on me,” he said. “I now have a deep appreciation for those who run every mile with you no matter what the path.”

Aryan Dehbozorgi Transfroming Lives

Aryan Dehbozorgi

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