Developmental English Information for Advisors

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Developmental English Information for Advisors

If you have advisees who have placed into ENGL 098 or ENGL 099, here is some good-to-know information:

To place into ENGL & 101, student who take the Accuplacer placement test must score at least an 83.

If a student does not score high enough to place into ENGL & 101 but feels that the score does not represent his or her abilities, we have a couple of options for that student

  1. We have free Accuplacer English workshops. Students can attend the workshop and then retake the Accuplacer.
  2. Students can complete a challenge placement exam. The exam involves responding in writing to an article and prompt.

If the student wished to attend a workshop or to challenge, he or she can contact me at or 509-793-2360 and leave a message with a reliable call-back number.


If a student has placed into ABE English but is not wanting a GED, High School completion, or coursework in English as an additional language, Developmental English would prefer that the student register for ENGL 098. If ENGL 098 is the better option for the student, please refer that student to me or Zach Olson and we will help him or her register for ENGL 098 with the appropriate entry code.


Finally, Developmental English no longer offers the English 101 option.  Instead, beginning this last fall quarter, we have been offering accelerated learning opportunities such as I-BEST or other co-curricular learning communities. Students who have placed into ABE, ENGL 098, or ENGL 099 can take these accelerated courses and earn as high as ENGL & 101 depending on demonstrated competencies at the completion of the courses.

~Dawnne Ernette, 02.09.18