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Working with Birthing Simulator Noelle

Working with Birthing Simulator Noelle

On Monday, Level 1 Nursing students had an opportunity to meet Noelle. Noelle is our birthing simulator and she can be programmed to help students practice routine deliveries as well as complex cases.

Using Noelle to help teach labor and delivery strategies and holistic maternal and newborn care provides a higher level of realism for our students. Our students really appreciate having this opportunity to experience a wide breadth of potential maternal and neonatal complications in a controlled training environment. By running these simulations with Noelle, they are able to become comfortable and competent in the skills that they will need when they work as nurses on the Obstetrics floor.

However, this training is made possible by the work of medical simulation technicians. Medical Simulation Technicians get to program, troubleshoot, set up, and run the simulator. It is a really fun job that involves a lot of playing with robots, healthcare equipment, and programming compounding scenario triggers.

As the use of medical simulation continues to grow exponentially within the college and hospital settings, so are the jobs for medical simulation technicians. If you would like to have an opportunity to explore what it means to be a medical simulation technician, please contact Andrea at 509-793-2125 or

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