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Rafael Villalobos, STEM Center

Rafael Villalobos Jr.

Rafael Villalobos Jr.

Advising/Advanced Projects Specialist
Unmanned Systems (UMS)
Title-V New Opportunities in Aviation (NOA) 

Office: 1480
Phone: 509-793-2198

Rafael has been with Big Bend since the spring of 2012 with his career in higher education starting in 2005.  As the Advising Specialist for Unmanned Systems he is responsible for the development of advising resources and training for the campus community related to unmanned systems and workforce education programs. 

Rafael also serves as a MAPA mentor (Mentoring for Academic Persistence and Achievement), co-teaches PEH 137 – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and support the ASB BJJ Club, is a metal artisan and enjoys helping others with “making stuff”.