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Getting Started on Your Career Route

Still deciding? Big Bend Community College provides easy-to-use tools to help you explore, set career goals or make changes along the way.  Let us help you move along a route that is just right for you.

If this describes YOU…

Try this!

I need a lot of time to explore and decide on a career.

  • Take these career assessments first to discover careers that fit your interests and skills
    • My Next Move An interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options. Access to over 900 different careers demonstrating tasks, skills necessary and salary information.
    • Career Bridge Features 6500+ Washington education programs all in one place. From short-term training to one-year certificates, apprenticeships, two-year associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees, and beyond.
  • Search for In demand jobs in Washington State
  • Explore and learn about training available in BBCC’s 6 Areas of Interests


  • Take a college success skills course. College Success Skills (CSS) courses are on different topics. There are courses to help students make the transition to college (CSS College Transitions 101) easier, an Introduction to Healthcare (CSS 105)for students interested in careers in Healthcare, to assist students with computer literacy (CSS Intro to Computer Literacy 104) and one to develop critical reading and thinking skills (CSS College Reading Strategies 106).
  • CSS 100College Success Skills– National studies show that students who take courses like CSS 100 are more likely to graduate than students that do not. This course helps students become more effective learners and achieve their goals at Big Bend.
  • CSS 102-Focus on Success-Students explore non-academic factors that affect success in college. Students will study self-awareness and the practical application of research to the following areas: career and college course choices; relationships, diversity; values; stress management; substance use; sexual decisions; financial literacy, and diet and exercise.

I need some time to explore and decide on a career.

Attend the ACE Workshop (Action for Career Employment) at SkillSource. Research the labor market and employment and training options, and develop a plan necessary to achieve your career goals.

Call 509-663-3091 or sign up here

I think I know what I want to do, but I need someone to walk me through the resources and tools.

Contact: Jody Bortz, Career Services Coordinator, or 509-793-2069.

Visit the BBCC Career Center page for more information.

I think I know what I want to do. Show me the resources and tools.

Follow steps below and utilize resources included in each step.

Choose Your Career Steps
1. Explore Career Options
Exploring your interests and related career pathways, will help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your educational journey at Big Bend Community College.

Not sure which career pathway to pursue? Check out these exploration tools to discover careers which fit your interests and skills.

**Taking both interest surveys will identify a pattern and lead to careers that fit your interests and skills.

2. Explore Areas of Interest
Areas of Interest are designed to form clear pathways through your college experience and into your career, whether you enter directly after graduation or transfer onto a university for additional study.

Learn more about Big Bend’s 6 Areas of Interests and the training available, or if you need to transfer. Designed by BBCC faculty, Advising Maps courses requirements for programs of study and degree or certificate attainment.

Are jobs in my area of interests in demand in Washington State?

If you are exploring majors or searching for information about your chosen field, Career Bridge will help. Learn typical career areas and types of employers that hire in those fields based on a major of study.

3. Connect with Support

Decisions about your college degree and chosen career can consist of many moving parts. BBCC counselors can help you explore your degree options and help you understand how your degree fits into your career plans. Counselors can introduce you to career exploration tools and help you understand how to use this information as you work toward the completion of your educational and career goals. 

To schedule an appointment call (509) 793-2035 or schedule an appointment via Starfish with Jaime Garza, Heidi Gephart or MariAnne Zavala-Lopez. 

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