Brazil jiu-jitsu champion coming to Big Bend CC

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11-time BJJ World Champion Caio Terra to Visit Big Bend Oct 10 4Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Caio Terra will be coming to Big Bend Community College in October to share his inspirational story.

“(Terra’s) powerful story of is something that moves me every time I hear it,” said Jeremy Seda, who teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Big Bend Community College.

“Since I started teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2012, I have been honored to know many others who also have their own stories of struggle and triumph,” Seda added.

Terra, who grew up in Rio de Janeiro, enrolled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu while still a small, scrawny kid high school. However, the motivation and discipline the sport gave him propelled Terra to become a four-time Rio de Janeiro state champion, five-time Brazilian national champion, and win 13 medals in world competition.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is based in the Japanese martial art designed to teach participants how to use an opponent’s strength against them. However, while a martial art, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is also an internationally competitive sport.

Terra will be in Moses Lake to speak at Big Bend Community College on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Terra will also give a seminar for “a limited number of enthusiasts” afterwards. The seminar is free for BBCC students, faculty or staff, and $50 for everyone else. Attendance is limited, so anyone interested in the seminar should contact

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