Boeing Donates $125,000 To Local Organizations

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By Cheryl Schweizer, Columbia Basin Herald

Boeing VP of Government Operations Bill McSherry , Representative Tom Dent, Moses Lake Mayor Karen Liebrecht, BBCC Trustee Anna Franz, BBCC president Terry Leas, Boys and Girls Club director Kim Pope, Representative Alex Ybarra

BBCC Public Affairs photo

MOSES LAKE — Aviation programs at Big Bend Community College and the Boys and Girls Club of the Columbia Basin received a boost from Boeing Thursday, with the announcement of $125,000 in donations. The BBCC commercial pilot and aviation maintenance technology programs received $100,000, while the Boys and Girls Club received $25,000 for its education and career development program.

The donations were announced Wednesday.

“This is exciting. It really is,” said state representative Tom Dent.

Bill McSherry, vice-president for government operations commercial airplanes, said the company’s charitable division wants “to invest in organizations that we know are high quality.” The company uses three criteria, he said, an organization that invests in education, supports the military and military families, or works to support communities where Boeing operates. Big Bend Community College and Boys and Girls Club “were an easy decision.”

Dan Moore, air plant instructor in the aviation maintenance program, said it’s still to be determined how much of the money will go to each program. Some of the AMT money will go to marketing the program, he said. “This is a very, very viable career,” he said, and he wants to get the word out about it.

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