Big Bend IST Program helps transform life of single mom

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By Cheryl Schweizer of the Columbia Basin Herald

Susan Hoose headshot

Susan Hoose used the Big Bend Community College Industrial Systems Technology program to help transform her life.

KENNEWICK — Susan Hoose had to deal with challenges she didn’t expect. So she did.

She didn’t plan to be a single mom, but she was, and “I realized I needed an education.” So “as a single mom, I started going to school.”

But first, she said, she looked around at her options.

During that search, she remembered an old job and the possibilities that came with a career in manufacturing. That led her to the Industrial Systems Technology program at Big Bend Community College.

The program teaches graduates how to analyze industrial systems, and how to fix them when something goes wrong. “We’re troubleshooting pieces of equipment.” After graduation in 2009, Hoose focused on electrical systems.

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