Big Bend aviation students get look at C-17

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c-17 photo

Big Bend Community College aviation students got a chance to tour a C-17 Friday during a visit of the aircraft from Joint Base McChord.

By CHERYL SCHWEIZER of the Columbia Basin Herald

MOSES LAKE — It is one of the truisms of aviation that there are no minor collisions at altitude.

There would seem to be less opportunity for two planes to run into each other – plenty of blue skies – but at any given moment there’s a lot of traffic up there, some of it headed for the same airspace. Pilots have to pay careful attention to where they are and where everybody else is and make sure other pilots and the control tower know where they are. That was the message from U.S. Air Force Captain C.J. Tetrick in a presentation to Big Bend Community College pilot training students Friday.

Tetrick also brought along her ride, a C-17 transport, all 174 feet of it. With a 170-foot wingspan. As a reference, loadmaster Hugh Banueloc said the plane has transported tanks and helicopters, among other cargo.

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