BBCC Honor’s Society Holds Education Summit Degree Completion is Priority

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October 25, 2011

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BBCC Honor’s Society Holds Education Summit
Degree completion is priority

Students in the honor’s society at Big Bend Community College know there are problems plaguing higher education. They want to identify and address them.

The kickoff session for an Education Summit sponsored by Rho Zeta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was held Oct. 21 at BBCC. Stakeholders represented education, industry, elected officials and social service agencies.

“We assembled them in workgroups to list ideas they think are big issues facing education today,” said Halden Keen, Rho Zeta Chapter President. “Of course a major point all groups were keenly aware of is the drop in funding for higher education.”

The summit was addressed by video by Dr. Rod Risley, Phi Theta Kappa’s national CEO. Risley’s comments supported “College Completion” as an element of restoring the U.S. ability to be  competitive in a world economy. He said any group working to develop remedies for education must have industry as an equal partner

To that end, Rho Zeta Chapter is promoting the concept of college completion. Members are participating in the Community College Completion Corps, or C4.

“Making a commitment to completing a degree is good not only for students, but for colleges and the communities they serve,” Keen said.

A “Signing Event” will be held Thursday, October 27 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Success  Center in Building 1400. Keen and other Phi Theta Kappa volunteers will ask students to sign a statement in support of completion and attainment of college degrees.

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The Education Summit at BBCC was addressed by video in the ATEC Building by Dr. Rod Risley, national CEO of Phi Theta Kappa honors society. Risley promotes college degree completion as an important element for restoring the nation’s ability to be competitive in a world economy. –Steve Matern photo