Placement Testing

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Placement testing

Prospective students to Big Bend Community College take placement exams in English and math to help ensure their success in those subjects.

Placement exams are given by appointment only Monday through Thursday (based on space availability). You can make an appointment by calling the Testing Center at 509-793-2064.

You MUST bring photo ID and receipt of payment to the test. 
There is a $10.00 fee for each test. Placement testing fees should be paid prior to testing at the BBCC Business Office in the 1400 building (open at 7:30am). Keep the receipt as you will need to present it when you take the test(s). If you have not pre-paid for the test, plan to arrive early so you can be at the testing center on time. The Testing Center is located in the 1400 Building.

All personal belongings, including backpacks, purses, wallets, cell phones, books, etc., will be locked in secure storage during testing.

Results for the Math and English tests are available immediately

Placement tests can be taken a maximum of two times in a 12-month period.

WE RELEASE PLACEMENT RESULTS ONLY to the person taking the exam or with written authorization from that person. We cannot release exam scores over the telephone.

We will mail results upon request and if you complete a mailing envelope while at the test center.

Cut Scores As of 1/31/15

SAT ACT Placement
500 18 MATH 098
540 20 MATH 099, 107, 146
580 22 MATH 141, 147
650 26 MATH 151

The Accuplacer test can be taken in the testing center by appointment. There are three parts to the test. Practice tests and study materials are available online. Scores are good for two (2) years from the test date.  The following grid is used for placement.

Accuplacer Test Score Placement
Arithmetic < 35 ABE or MATH 080, take additional paper test
Arithmetic ≥ 35 Take Beginning Algebra Test
Elementary Algebra < 50 MATH 094
Elementary Algebra 50-69 MATH 098
Elementary Algebra ≤ 70 Take College Level Accuplacer Test


Course College Level Accuplacer Test Score Required
MATH 098 ≤ 39
MATH 099 40-49
MATH 107 40-49
MATH 146 40-49
MATH 141 ≥ 50
MATH 147 ≥ 50

Placement using Smarter Balanced Assessment scores

Placement using S.A.T. or A.C.T. scores

Big Bend has agreements with some local high schools that allow placement based on successful completion of specific courses.  Please select your school below.  If you choose to use this option for placement you will need to bring a copy of your transcript to the Admissions/Registration office in the 1400 Building and specify that it is for English or Math placement.

Moses Lake HS_English

Moses Lake HS_Math

Othello HS_English

Othello HS_Math

Quincy HS_English

Study Guides

A good resource for studying math is:

or check out the free Accuplacer web-based study app at:

Another free resource to help study for the Accuplacer math test is:

A good resource for studying the reading portion of the English test is:

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