What is College Like?

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Big Bend Community College Running Start
Once enrolled all students receive the same support services and are subject to the same policies, procedures and academic standards.  Faculty members expect students to take part in classroom discussions, complete homework assignments, practice good study habits, and respect instructors and other students.  Students must meet class deadlines, be prepared, ask questions and adhere to the student code of conduct.

If students need help or additional information, it is their responsibility to contact the instructor.  On the first day of class instructors provide a course syllabus with their office location, office hours and phone number.

College courses often include material and classroom discussions intended for mature students.  A student may be academically prepared for college courses, but not prepared for some subject matter.  Big Bend students come from many different cultures, may be any age, have different abilities and disabilities and have wide ranging backgrounds.  Students and their families should consider carefully whether an individual student is ready for the college environment.

BBCC follows federal guidelines concerning access to student records.  The college will not provide information regarding student attendance or progress without the student’s written permission.  Faculty will not discuss a student’s progress with anyone without written permission from the student.

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