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Big Bend Community College Running Start

To be admitted to BBCC as a Running Start student, students must:

  • Be registered as a junior or senior in a Washington state public school
  • Be under 21 years of age
  • Complete the BBCC English and mathematics placement tests or provide other approved placement information, and qualify by placing into ENGL& 101 or a college level mathematics course (MATH course numbered above 100).  Placement in both English and mathematics is required, even if you do not intend to take courses requiring a specific placement at Big Bend Community College.   Please see the Placement Testing webpage for information about testing and available placement alternatives.

Students who will take only professional/technical courses, such as Welding, Industrial Systems Technology, etc., may qualify by placement into the required English and mathematics for that program.  Please see the current Big Bend Course Catalog for specific program requirements and required placement. 

Home schooled students and students attending private schools must be evaluated as at the junior or senior level by a public high school official and enroll at that school.  Students may receive advise from other sources, but the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form must be signed by the local public high school counselor or designated staff member every quarter.

Students who have passed the GED and who do not have a high school diploma may enroll through their respective high school and be eligible for the Running Start program until the age of 21.

All students are limited to enrollment in the Running Start program during a maximum of 2 academic years  or 3 college quarters as a junior and 3 college quarters as a senior.

*Students are responsible to pay for any courses numbered below 100 (e.g. MATH 099).

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