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Big Bend Community College Running Start

Tuition for up to 15 college level credits per quarter is paid by the school district with a basic education allotment from the state.  Regulations regarding Running Start limit total credits allowed in high school and college to the equivalent of 1.2 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs).  This limit means that an individual student may be allowed less than the 15 credit maximum because of courses being taken at the high school.  Please speak to your high school counselor to determine your allowed credits. Students must pay all fees, including lab fees and the technology fee of $5.65 per credit each quarter.  Students must also pay for any credits beyond the number authorized by the high school and for all credits for courses numbered under 100.  BBCC must receive a completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form  each quarter in order to be paid for tuition.  The form should be turned in to the Admissions/Registration office on or before the tuition due date every quarter.  The technology fee will be waived for students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches at the high school.  Please provide documentation of eligibility with your Running Start Authorization form.  Documentation is required once per academic year.

Students must pay tuition for all courses numbered under 100 (below college level).  This includes mathematics courses which are not college level, such as MATH 098 and MATH 099.

Tuition for any credits above 15, or above the maximum authorized by the high school, must be paid by the student and will be charged at the usual rate for credits 1-10 as shown in the quarterly course schedule.

A student’s classes will be dropped if the enrollment verification form is not received and any balance due paid by the tuition due date published in each quarterly schedule.

Students must also pay for their own textbooks and transportation.

Students may estimate the cost for books by visiting the BBCC Bookstore in Building 1400 or online at

The Running Start program does not include Summer Quarter.

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