How to Register

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Check “Registration Access Time” in the Student Kiosk each quarter for your individual date and time.  You may register online or in person at the Student Services office.  You will need your quarterly PIN.  Former students and new transfer students with at least 30 credits may register Friday of registration week for current students.  New students must attend New Student Registration..  New transfer students (30 or more credits) must meet with an advisor, and obtain a signature or their quarterly PIN.  All students who have earned fewer than 30 credits must meet with an advisor before registering.  You may get your Quarterly PIN from your advisor and register online at or after your access time, or have your advisor sign a paper registration form.  You may register for classes through the first day of school.  ALL students must have an instructor’s signature to add any classes beginning the first day of each quarter.

If you have not applied for admission and do not plan to pursue a degree or certificate, you may register during open registration each quarter, if space is available and you meet any prerequisites for a class.  From the Class Schedule page, check Important Dates for the quarter for specific dates.

To drop classes online, go to the Student Kiosk, click on Register for Classes. Select the correct quarter. Enter your SID & Quarterly PIN.  Click Register.  Note that refunds end after the third week of classes.  Click Continue.  Your schedule will appear in a grid.  Enter the item number for the class you want to drop in one of the empty boxes on the left.  Click the Add/Drop button.  A box will pop up, warning you that you are dropping a specific class.  Verify that it is the correct class, then click OK.  During the first 2 weeks of the quarter, the class will disappear.  After that, the class will stay on your schedule (and subsequently on your transcript).  In the Kiosk it will say “withdrawn”.  An estimate of the refund credit you may receive will be shown on your schedule. 

Web Registration Instructions:

If you are not able to register online:

Click here for Registration Form.pdf.

Click here for a  Change of schedule (“Add/Drop”) form.

Tuition is due at the time of registration for all classes added after the tuition due date.

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