Currently Enrolled Students

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Registration Time

If you are enrolled in BBCC classes for credit you will be assigned a registration access time for the following quarter.  This access time is for registration only.  It is your responsibility to arrange to meet with your advisor prior to this time.  To find out when you register, visit BBCC’s home page at Select Student Kiosk and then Registration Access Time.

Quarterly PIN

You will need a Quarterly PIN to register.  If you have earned fewer than 30 credits when registration begins, you will be assigned a random PIN.  You must meet with an advisor to get the PIN.  It is used only for registering for classes for this quarter.  For other tasks, such as viewing your transcript, use your Global PIN, which is the 6 numbers of your birth date (mmddyy) unless you changed it.

If you have earned at least 30 credits, your Quarterly PIN is the same as your Global PIN.

Web Registration

You may register online at Big Bend’s home page,  Select Student Kiosk.  Select Class Schedule Planner to have the computer system help you design a schedule.  Select Register for Classes to sign up for classes.  You will not be allowed to register for classes before your scheduled access time (except for zero credit courses).

In Person Registration

Registration forms are available in the Admissions/Registration Office.  You must submit the completed form to registration personnel at your scheduled registration access time or anytime after through the first day of classes.  If you have completed fewer than 30 credits when registration begins, you will need an advisor’s signature on the form.  You do not need to wait for your scheduled time to register for zero credit courses.

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