Employment Programs

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“Work-Study” is money earned through employment. In order to qualify, you must qualify for financial aid. Students are eligible for part-time work (up to 16 hours per week).

1. Federal Work-Study

Federally funded program to provide students on campus employment opportunities. Students will be considered for a variety of jobs, which may offer valuable career-related experience. 

2. America Reads / America Counts

America Reads uses Federal Work Study dollars to employ students as reading tutors for preschool age children, children in elementary school, or in family literacy programs. America Counts uses federal dollars to employ students as math tutors for children elementary age through ninth grade. Students will be placed in schools or programs residing in our service district. 

3. State Work-Study

State funded program, where students will be placed in on campus positions relating to their major field of study and career goals or interests. Students must be Washington State residents.

4. Off-Campus Work-Study

State funded program to provide employers the ability to identify and hire potential permanent employees. Employers determine wage rates. Students must be Washington State residents.

5. Summer Employment (For students who demonstrate financial need based on a completed FAFSA/WASFA)

After receiving your Financial Aid Award Notification, contact Jonie at 509.793.2061 or email joniew@bigbend.edu for student worker jobs.



After you have been offered or awarded work study, you can use the Viking Careers Job Board to help you find jobs. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on “Click here to register!” You will receive an email granting you access to view the Work Study jobs.

Click for Employment Opportunities

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