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State Financial Aid information for current and returning DREAMer Vikings:

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The Washington Application for State Financial Aid, or the WASFA, is now available for DREAMer students to apply for State Need Grant funds. The application can be accessed on ReadySetGrad.org/WASFA, and students should submit it as soon as possible.


On February 26, 2014, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the REAL Hope Act (SB6523), also known as the Washington Dream Act. This new law expands eligibility for the Washington State Need Grant to non-citizens who meet the program’s eligibility requirements in addition to all three residency criteria listed below:

  1. Completed the full senior year of high  school and obtained a high school diploma at a Washington public or private high school or received the equivalent of a diploma;
  2. Lived in Washington State for the three calendar years (36 months)  immediately prior to receiving the diploma or its equivalent;
  3. Continuously lived in Washington after receiving the diploma or its equivalent and until such time as the student is admitted to an institution of higher education.
  4. Sign an affidavit (written promise) to file an application to become a permanent resident of the United States when eligible to apply*
  • *Students granted deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA) must also complete and sign the affidavit
  • The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has developed a state application for students who are unable to complete a FAFSA due to immigration status.
  • This free application—known as the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)—is now available for students to complete online at www.readysetgrad.org/wasfa.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to file the WASFA as soon as possible to maximize their chances of receiving funding for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic year.

How Often to Apply

Students who meet the eligibility requirements for REAL Hope should plan on filing a WASFA every year they are in college. Once you apply, the participating Washington college(s) you select will use the financial information provided in the WASFA to determine your eligibility to receive the State Need Grant. 





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