Program Services

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Academic Advising & Transfer Support

Work with our team to develop a program plan and discuss the classes you will need to complete your degree and / or prepare to transfer.

Cultural & Social Engagement Events

Have the opportunity to participate in social / cultural events, fundraisers, community service events, career-development activities and other leadership opportunities.

Laptop & Textbook Checkout

Laptops and some textbooks are available for checkout through Student Support Services.

Scholarship Award Competition & Scholarship Application Assistance

Work with our team to find scholarships and assist you through the application Process. The TRIO-SSS Program also offers two scholarships to members, the TRIO-SSS Scholarship and the Bigelow Scholarship.

Viking Seminars & Skills Development Workshops

Attend Workshops to gain knowledge and improve skills.

Sample topics:

  • Financial Aid / FAFSA Assistance
  • Financial Literacy / Smart Budgeting
  • Resume Building and Career Development
  • Scholarship Information
  • Student Resources
  • Time and Stress Management
Tutoring Services and Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Should you feel challenged in a course, meet with our team to help connect you with a tutor, or find a Supplemental Instruction (SI) session that works with your schedule.

Study Lab

The TRIO-Student Support Services resource lab is equipped with ten computers, study tables, and study supplies. Stop by the lab to complete school work, studying with classmates, or sit and chat with friends on campus during the day.


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