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The eligibility requirements for the TRIO-SSS Program are determined by federal guidelines.  To be eligible, all students must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Be a First Generation College Student – One or both of your parents do not have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Have a documented disability
  • Meet the federal low income requirements:
    Federal TRIO-SSS Programs Current-Year Low-Income Levels
    Size of Family Family Taxable Income
    1 $18,090.00
    2 $24,360.00
    3 $30,630.00
    4 $36,900.00
    5 $43,170.00
    6 $49,440.00
    7 $55,710.00
    8 $61,980.00
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Application Process:

  1. Complete the application and turn it into the TRIO-SSS Office located in Building 1400, Room 1433
  2. Schedule an intake appointment with our TRIO-SSS Director
  3. Complete a Program Plan with one of our TRIO-SSS Advisor

Click here for our 2018-2019 Application

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