Job and Career Fair

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All participating vendors in the Big Bend Job & Career Fair will be on campus for employment purposes only. This community-wide event for is open and safe for ALL Big Bend students and members of the community. Although some participating vendors represent legal immigration enforcement agencies, this event should be considered secure for DREAMers, DACA recipients, and students and members of the community whose immigration status is undocumented. BBCC supports the equity and inclusion of all its students, staff and community members. If you have any questions relating to attending this event, please contact Jody Bortz, Career Services Coordinator, 509.793.2069 or

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The Big Bend Community College Job & Career Fair provides a central location for job seekers to meet employers, and a place for visitors to learn about career opportunities. By participating in this event, exhibitors have the opportunity to connect with prospective employees who may help your organization reach its staffing goals. The Job & Career Fair is a partnering event between Big Bend Community College; Moses Lake WorkSource: WA State Employment Security, SkillSource; Adams County Development Council; Grant County Economic Development Council; OIC and other organizations. 

Big Bend Community College Grant County

Advanced Technologies Education Center (ATEC)

If you have any questions, please contact Jody Bortz.

Phone:  509.793.2069


Connecting Employers with Job Seekers and Students

Job Seekers

This event is FREE to the public. Come prepared. Dress appropriately and be professional.  Employers are looking for excited and motivated employees. 

Check back for the list of confirmed employers (updated weekly) and bring your résumé–you will want it on paper and electronically so you can apply to positions on the spot. 


Registration for this event will remain open until February 21, 2020 or when all booths have been purchased.  Information will be updated on a regular basis.  Please provide your logo for advertising purposes once you have registered. 

If you would like to add your name to our distribution list for future events, contact Jody Bortz at 509.793.2069 or email

See the Exhibitors link  for additional information.

Many job seekers will be interested in learning about current and future career opportunities with your company. The following are sample questions you may be asked.

  • What are your required education skills and experience?
  • What are your job descriptions?
  • Do you provide training opportunities?
  • What are your hiring practices related to women, minorities, etc.?
  • What is the salary and benefit ranges for various positions?

Employer Sponsorship

Employer sponsorship of the event is available upon request.  Additional information will be included in future emails or you may contact me to discuss:  Jody Bortz, 509.793.2069

General Info About The Event

In 2018 there were over 1600 visitors, 80 employers, along with a variety of college programs and universities who attended this event. Visitors to the Job and Career Fair include:

  • Residents with extensive education and/or training beyond the Associate Degree level
  • Residents seeking training for job advancement
  • Residents looking for a career change
  • Traditional college students, age 18-25
  • Older, returning students
  • Students with families
  • High school students and their parents
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