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Job seekers and potential college students are invited to attend the inaugural free  Explore Big Bend Event: Train Local, Work Local at the Grant County Advanced Technologies Education Center (ATEC Building) at Big Bend Community College on November 14, 2018 from 9 am to 1 pm. 

Big Bend Community College programs and local employers who hire these graduates will be present.  You will have the opportunity to speak with BBCC instructors and students about the current Workforce Education Programs at Big Bend Community College.   Local employers and hiring staff will be on hand to discuss openings, requirements, and skills necessary to be successful on the job.  Learn how to TRAIN HERE-STAY HERE!  Secure employment for the future. 

Additional employers from the community will be hiring staff and offering internship or training opportunities.

All participating vendors in the Explore Big Bend: Train Local, Work Local employment event will be on campus for EMPLOYMENT PURPOSES ONLY. This is a community-wide and free event for ALL Big Bend students and members of the community. Although some of the participating vendors represent legal immigration enforcement agencies, this event should be considered secure for DREAMers, DACA recipients, and students and members of the community whose immigration status is undocumented.

BBCC supports the equity and inclusion of all its students. If you have any questions relating to the event, please contact Diana Villafaña at (509) 793-2401 or dianav@@bigbend.edu.

Not sure what it takes to start college or get a job? 

Specialists will be on-hand to answer questions, discuss programs and degrees, assist with resources and other supports while in school.  Career advisors will be able to assist you in identifying potential employment or discovering your career path. 

For information, contact Jody Bortz at 509-793-2069 or by email: Jodyb@bigbend.edu


BBCC 2014 Fall Hiring Event


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