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Big Bend Community College Mathematics

At Big Bend we are equipping our students with the tools to conquer math and accept the challenge of higher-level math when they move on to four-year programs. Our Math Faculty offer a variety of learning tools, including on-line training available from anywhere.

The Emporium Math Videos are a collection of pre-college content links to YouTube videos. Each video corresponds to a page in the workbook. After each title is the name of the instructor who recorded the video. Some titles have been recorded by more than one instructor to provide diversity of instructional strategies.

College-Level Math

This section includes resources associated with college-level math courses including pre-calculus, calculus, statistics and math in society.  Any material listed in this area is open-source and available to students or the public at no cost.  These materials are available for download, print them at your personal expense or purchase them pre-printed from the BBCC Bookstore.

MATH 141 and 142 Textbook 4th Ed.

MATH 141&142 Selected Answers

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