Drop-In Tutoring

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Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is tutoring service where you can drop-in and receive help in math, science, and engineering courses. No appointment is necessary! Support for most subjects is typically available throughout the week. However, because the majority of our tutors/SI Leaders are BBCC students, tutors are not available for all subjects all day. The drop-in tutoring schedule outlines when specific subjects are offered. 

Who is a STEM Center Tutor?

The majority of BBCC tutors are BBCC students themselves. However, we do hire part-time tutors as well. Both positions have different hiring processes, but both processes strive to hire tutors who know the content and who are committed to students’ academic success. 

What does a STEM Center tutor do exactly?

A STEM Tutor’s goal is to help BBCC students become independent learners. This means will guide a student through the completion of their homework or help a student for a test, but they will not do coursework for a student. 

When I’m at the STEM Center, how do I request a tutor’s help?

While in the STEM Center you can request help from a tutor by:

  • You can directly approach a tutor and let them know you need help. A tutor will either help them or direct them to someone that can help you such as another tutor or an instructor.
  • You can approach our front desk clerk and let them know you need help. The front desk clerk can direct them to the appropriate tutor or let you know when an appropriate tutor will be working.
  • You can also request help through our Tutor Q – our online request help list – in four ways. 
    1. You can go to any of our three Tutor Q kiosks (located throughout the STEM Center), follow the steps on the screen, and wait for a tutor to come assist you.
    2. You can check out a laptop (following the proper checkout guidelines) and you can access the request help list (or the Tutor Q) through our “Tutor Q” desktop shortcut.
    3. If you’re on one of our computer work stations, you can also access the request help list (or the Tutor Q) through our “Tutor Q” desktop shortcut.
    4. If you’re on your own personal laptop/electronic device, you can also access our request help list (or Tutor Q) through this Tutor Q link.


If you have any further questions regarding the drop-in tutoring or the drop-in tutoring schedule, please contact Christy Kunkel.

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