Simulation Technology

Certificates available:

Medical Simulation Operators Certificate

  • Flexible certificate- 14+ credits
  • Introduction to simulation in healthcare
    • Programming
    • Scenario implementation
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Moulage
  • May be completed in as few as 2 quarters

Simulation Educator Certificate

  • 18 credits
  • 6 courses
  • Requires an Associate’s Degree or higher in order to complete this stand-alone certificate
  • Designed for those currently working with simulation and healthcare
  • Includes medical simulation operators courses
  • Includes debriefing course designed for educators

Did you know?

  • Many previous college credits may transfer to BBCC
  • The certificate program is a fast-track program to get students out into jobs as early as 6 months after starting.
  • Online course provides accessibility for long-distance learners.
  • Course labs are 1 weekend a quarter.
  • Students can pursue rewarding careers in healthcare and education upon completion.
  • BBCC is the first to offer a Medical Simulation degree in Washington state.
  • Tuition is affordable
  • Our program offers excellent preparation for Certification exams

See what it’s all about

Simulation Technology Contact

Simulation Technology Faculty/Staff

Physical Education Instructor, Andrea Elliott

Elliot, Andrea

Physical Education Associate Faculty
Tabatha DeLong

DeLong, Tabatha

Simulation Technologist
Kailey Gakin

Gakin, Kailey

Simulation Technology Associate Faculty
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