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The Welding Technology program is designed for persons to acquire the technical knowledge and skills required to obtain a career in welding, fabrication, and related occupations. Graduates may qualify for positions in industries such as machinery fabrication, structural fabrication, pipe fabrication, plant maintenance, and trade occupations which require welding skills. Students who complete the first year of the program will gain sufficient training to obtain entry-level employment. The second year of the program will focus on advanced skills in welding applications in specialty areas.

Persons who complete the two-year program of study may earn the Associate in Applied Science degree in Welding Technology with an emphasis in structural welding, industrial production welding or pipe welding. The one-year welding certificate of achievement is available for students who do not wish to complete a two-year degree. Local employers indicate that there are jobs available for students who complete either the certificate or the AAS degree. Interested students must work out their individual programs with a department advisor.

This program has been designed to allow students to enroll at the beginning of each quarter. Students entering the program will progress sequentially through the lab classes; lecture classes are offered during scheduled quarters only.


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